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Send money instantly to other Money members

  • Confirm the person is saved as a contact in your phone and is a Money member

  • Log in to your Bridge app

  • Tap Manage Money

  • Tap Move Money

  • Tap Instant Payment to Bridge Member

  • Enter the amount you would like to send

  • Tap Select Recipient

  • Grant Bridge access to your contacts by tapping OK or Allow

  • Enter the person's name

    • NOTE: they must be saved as a contact in your phone

  • Select the person in your contact list to whom you'd like to send money

If your friend is not yet a Bridge member

  • Refer your friend to Bridge

  • Ensure they have an open Money account

  • If your friend is approved for a Bridge account and is saved is a contact in your phone, you'll be able to follow the process above to send them funds!

What if I sent money to the wrong person?

Sending money to another Bridge member is instant; there is no way to cancel or reverse the transfer once it has been initiated. Always confirm the recipient and fund amount before sending money.

Bridge is not liable if you accidentally send money to the wrong person or if you send an incorrect amount. This must be resolved directly with the individual on the receiving end of the transaction.

I know my friend has a Bridge account, but they don't show up in my Bridge contacts list. Why?

Your friend's phone number may be different from the one saved in your phone. Verify the number you have saved is their current phone number.

My friend tried to apply for a Bridge deposit account, but they were denied.

If your friend is not approved for a Bridge deposit account, you will not be able to send money to them from within the Bridge app.

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