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Personal Information Updates

Update your contact info directly from your mobile app

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Click here to keep your Bridge app up-to-date

To update your personal info:

  • Open your Bridge app

  • Tap the profile icon at the top right of your screen

  • Tap "Profile"

  • Tap "Edit" to update your information

Updating your email address:

  • Tap "Edit" next to your old email address

  • Enter your new email address

  • Tap "Continue"

  • Navigate to the new email account

  • Open the email received from Bridge

  • Tap "Verify Email Address"

  • Your new email should now appear as "verified" in the Bridge app

Updating your phone number:

  • If you are unable to update your phone number within the app, reach out to Member Experience from within the app to assist you.

  • Attempting to create a new account with your new phone number may result in complications with updating your existing account

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