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To update your personal info:

  • Open your Bridge app

  • Tap the profile icon at the top right of your screen

  • Tap "Profile"

  • Tap "Edit" to change your email, phone number, or address

Updating your email address:

  • Tap "Edit" next to your old email address

  • Enter your new email address

  • Tap "Continue"

  • Navigate to the new email account

  • Open the email received from Bridge

  • Tap "Verify Email Address"

  • Your new email should now appear as "verified" in the Bridge app

Updating your phone number:

  • After entering your new phone number, await a verification text from Bridge

  • Enter the 6-digit account verification code in the Bridge app

  • Your new number should now be updated

If you are unable to update your phone number within the app, reach out to Member Help from within the app to assist you. Attempting to create a new account with your new phone number may result in complications with updating your existing account.

Updating your mailing address:

  • Update your address (and any applicable apartment / unit number)

  • Confirm the address is correct

  • Your address should now be updated

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