Closing your Money account is different from cancelling your Bridge card.

  • Cancelling your debit card(s) means that your debit card will no longer be able to be used, but your Bridge deposit account remains open.

  • Closing your Bridge deposit account results in the permanent closure of your deposit account and debit card(s). This cannot be undone.

What happens when I close or downgrade my Money account?

Closing or downgrading your Money account closes your Bridge deposit account. These requests are final, resulting in:

  • Immediate termination of your Bridge debit card(s)

  • Permanent closure of your Bridge deposit account

If you choose to downgrade to Earn, you'll be able to continue earning with Bridge. However, your deposit account and debit card(s) will be permanently closed, and a new external bank account will need to be linked.

Any remaining funds must be withdrawn or transferred prior to account closure.

To permanently close your Money account, contact Bridge Member Help.

Bridge account closure is final and irreversible.

If you choose to close your Money or Earn account, you may not be eligible for a Bridge account in the future.

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