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Text Message (SMS) Troubleshooting
Text Message (SMS) Troubleshooting

Reasons a text from Bridge might be delayed or fail to arrive

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Message is slightly delayed

  • Wait a few minutes to see if the text arrives

    • If your SMS code isn't received immediately, it may just take a minute or two.

Your phone number is not the number we have on file

  • If your phone number has changed or you believe your phone number may have been incorrectly entered, you can change your number in-app.

Phone storage is full or wireless carrier issue

  • Try clearing space on your phone to allow new messages to be delivered.

  • For wireless carrier issues, contact your phone service provider directly.

Poor cell signal

  • If you don't have strong cell service, try waiting or moving to an area with better reception, and your code should come through.

  • If you use WiFi messaging, be sure you're connected to WiFi.

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