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Bridge Deposit Account & Card (Money members)
Bridge Deposit Account & Card (Money members)
Bridge card FAQs for Money members only
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Account Limits

  • To see your daily limits, tap directly on the image of your debit card in your mobile app. Your daily ATM and spending limits will be shown.


  • At Bridge, members cannot enable overdraft and as a result, won't be charged an overdraft fee.

  • If an attempt is made to make a withdrawal or purchase in excess of the funds available in your account, you won't be able to complete your transaction and will be advised to fund your account.

Physical Card

Confirm if you selected a physical card

  • Log in to your Bridge account

  • Tap Manage Money

  • If you have a Money account and ordered a physical card, it will appear as "Debit"

    • Physical cards arrive via USPS about 10 business days after ordering

Activate the physical Bridge card

  • Call Visa

    • Call Visa (1-877-703-5024) and ensure the physical card is with you during the call

    • Follow Visa's instructions to activate the card

  • Use the Bridge app

    • Log in to your Bridge app

    • Tap the physical card

    • Tap Activate

    • Follow the prompts

Virtual Card

  • Approved Money members are provided with a virtual debit card that can be used online anywhere VISA debit cards are accepted.

  • Link your Bridge virtual debit card to your Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet, Cash App, Venmo, PayPal, and more

View your virtual card details

  • Log in to the Bridge app

  • Tap the image of your virtual card

Important note: Daily purchase limits apply to both your virtual and physical card.

Lost or Stolen Card

  1. Immediately lock the card

  2. Contact Visa 24/7 Support: Call 1-877-703-5024 to report your card lost or stolen.

Lock or unlock your physical or virtual card

πŸ”’ Lock your card (prevents card from being used for purchases)

  • Open your Bridge app

  • Tap on your debit card

  • Toggle Lock Card

  • Confirm you want to lock your card

πŸ”“ Unlock your card

  • Open your Bridge app

  • Tap on your debit card

  • Toggle Unlock Card

  • Card will immediately be unlocked and ready to use!

PIN Updates

  • If you forget your PIN or suspect someone else may know it, we recommend you reset your PIN immediately.

  • To reset your PIN, call Visa's 24/7 card support line: 1-877-703-5024

Merchant Refunds & Preauthorization Holds

  • Settlement time for a refund depends almost entirely on the individual merchant and their issuing bank.

  • As soon as we receive funds from a merchant, they are deposited into your account

  • Authorization (or preauthorization) holds: Merchants whose business is hospitality, vehicle or equipment rental, or related services may be allowed as many as 31 calendar days for an authorization hold to remain.

International Transactions

Bridge members are able to use their debit card outside the U.S.A! Visa, ATMs, and merchants may charge a fee for international transactions.

  • ISA fee: Visa charges a 1% transaction fee on all international transactions. This is commonly referred to as an international service assessment (ISA) fee.

  • Foreign exchange rates: An exchange rate is the rate at which one national currency is exchanged for another. Currency and foreign exchange rates fluctuate throughout the day. While foreign exchange rates are not a fee, exchange rates impact how much the amount you paid in a foreign currency will cost in USD.

  • Online purchases: Online transactions with a merchant outside the United States may be subject to international transaction fees.

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