Earn with Surveys

Use the Bridge app to complete surveys, and Earn!

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Take a Survey

  • Open your Bridge app

  • Tap Earn Coins

  • Next to Earn with Surveys, tap Start Survey

  • Fully complete a survey

  • Visit the Earn Coins homepage to claim your coins! πŸ’°

    • Note: if survey earnings aren't immediately available, check back soon. Coins earned via surveys can take just a bit to become available in the Earn portal!

Survey Providers

Bridge partners with survey providers to provide survey opportunities to our members. The survey experience and survey availability is dependent on our survey providers.


Some surveys have eligibility guidelines. If a survey provider determines you are not eligible to take a survey, try taking a different survey.

Please answer surveys honestly; failure to do so can result in losing access to the surveys offered by our survey provider.

Additional questions about Earn? Check out our Earn FAQs!

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