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Earn Next-Day Cash Back on Any Card
Earn Next-Day Cash Back on Any Card
Members earn coins for every purchase made with linked debit and credit cards.
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Automatically earn next-day cash back on every purchase you make with every card you link to your Bridge app πŸ’°

No more waiting until end of month to get your cash back. No receipts needed. Link as many cards as you wish to maximize your earnings.

  • New cards earn cash back on their last 14 days of purchases.

    • Immediately earn 2 weeks' worth of cash back and get coins for purchases made over the past 14 days when you link a new card for the first time.

  • Cash back tomorrow for purchases made today.

    • Earn Bridge coins for the completed purchases you make with your linked cards ⚑ Coins are automatically granted the day after your purchases are successfully completed.

How do I activate this benefit?

  • No activation needed!

  • Link your favorite debit and/or credit cards in the Bridge app

  • Start earning cash back on every purchase you make.

Open your app and tap.

  • Claim your cash back coins every day just by opening your app each morning and tapping Claim.

  • Unclaimed coins expire after one week.

  • Once coins are claimed and added to your available coins balance, they will never expire. πŸ™‚

How can I review my cash back earnings?

  • Open your Bridge app

  • Tap Available Coins >

  • Scroll down to view your Past Earnings & Cashouts

How do I link a new card?

  • Open your Bridge app

  • Tap Manage Money

  • Under Linked Cards, tap + Add Card

  • Tap Connect Credit Card or Connect Debit Card

  • On the Plaid screen, tap Continue

  • In the search bar πŸ”Ž, enter the name of your card

  • Follow the prompts to log in and connect your external account

You may be redirected to another screen during this process. Continue following the directions onscreen, and return to the Bridge app when prompted. Repeat the steps as necessary to link as many accounts as you'd like!

Can I link a prepaid debit card?

  • At this time, members are not able to link a prepaid debit card.

I'm a Money member, do I get next-day cash back?

  • Money members earn next-day cash back on purchases made with virtual and physical Bridge card(s)

  • Money members do not receive next day cash back for linked external accounts

The terms of this program may change at any time. Please contact our team if you have questions.

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