Automatically earn 5 coins every week by opting in to share your fully anonymized data

Your data is valuable. It's about time you start getting your cut. Choose to share your anonymized data, and watch the earnings roll in.

What are Data Royalties?

Data Royalties allow Earn members to earn coins by opting in to share anonymized data with our partners.

  • Start earning immediately. Earn 5 coins as soon as you opt in, then continue to earn 5 coins every week after that! Simply claim your coins once they become available in the Bridge app. If you opt out, you'll no longer receive Data Royalties coins.

  • Your data is protected. Anonymized data means that all personally identifying information is removed. Your personal identifiers will never be shared with any third parties. 🔒

How do I get started?

Earning is easy with Bridge! Follow these steps to start earning your data royalties.

  • Log in to your Bridge app

  • Tap the 👤 icon in the top right corner

  • Tap on Profile

  • Tap on Data Royalties

  • Toggle on to Enable Data Royalties

  • Tap to Confirm Opt-In

And that's it! Simply log in, and claim your coins each week to keep earning 💸

What happens to my data?

We believe that when your data is shared, you should profit too! We also believe in helping you monetize your data safely and securely. The data that is shared in the Data Royalties program is fully anonymized and not personally identifiable. Our partners use your anonymized and aggregated data to understand general trends that help them create and offer better products.

Want to know more? Check out our Privacy Policy.

Feeling unsure? Not a problem.

You can easily opt out of Data Royalties at any time by accessing your profile settings in the Bridge app. There's no processing time, and no need to contact our Help team. You're in control! 💪

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