Explore exclusive, time-limited purchase offers every day!

To view The Daily Drop

  • Open your Bridge app

  • Tap Earn Coins

  • Tap View Deals

  • Tap Open the drop

  • View your personalized drop options

  • Tap Activate Offer

  • Tap Shop Now

  • Make a purchase, or tap Return to Feed to save the offer for later in the day

Just viewing The Daily Drop earns you a coin 💰 You don't even have to make a purchase!

Can I save the offer to use another day?

  • Daily Drop offers must be used on the same day they become available.

  • Selecting "Not Today" removes the daily drop completely from the Earn Feed, and another Daily Drop will not arrive until the following day.

Can I apply the offer to a purchase I've already made?

  • No, you must use the link in the Bridge app to be eligible for the offer.

  • If you do not use the link provided in the Bridge app, the offer will not be applied.

  • Daily Drops cannot be applied retroactively.

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