Pending Coins

What pending coins are, and how they work

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What are pending coins?

  • Pending coins are coins that you have earned for completing a task in the Bridge app, but that are not yet available to be claimed

  • Pending coins appear on your feed just like regular coins, but will only be claimable after a specified date

How do pending coins work?

Pending coins are earned like all coins are, by completing a qualifying task in the Bridge app. Pending coins will then appear on your feed and include the date that they become available to claim. Simply tap the "Claim" button after this date to claim your coins!

Pending coins do not impact the amount of coins you earn; they only indicate the date the coins will be ready to be claimed. Be sure to check your Bridge app daily to claim any available coins! πŸ™‚

Friendly reminder: All unclaimed coins expire out if not claimed within 7 days (from the date the coins become available). However, claimed coins never expire!

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